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Cowrie Sunrise

HardSteel AlphaMaleMagnetic Bracelet

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👦Fuel Up your Pleasure and Passion!!👦

Satisfy your woman with a long lasting performance in bed with this  4000ions HardSteel AlphaMaleMagnetic Bracelet!  Increasing the intensity of passion and love making, this sustains your energy and endurance even after several rounds!

Designed with high quality 4000 ions magnetic tourmaline stones that effectively boosts sexual performance, improving the size of the penis for harder erections , pulling the strings of sensation and slowing down early ejaculation to prolong intimate pleasurable experience and greater sexual stamina. Provides men a noticeable and thicker shaft that will surely thrill and excite your partner like never before!


  • Specially Designed Bracelet - crafted with a double row four elements including Germanium and negative ions, built in infrared,  and magnets that goes deeply into the skin and provides numerous health benefits when absorbed and taken in by the  human body.
  • Improves Fertility Rate - proven to enhance the release of sperm while it multiplies during your intimate play, improving your endurance and stimulation for longer and worthwhile moments.  
  • Ultimate Satisfaction - prolongs your sexual capacity comfortably, having more control for early ejaculation and a harder and stronger erection during the performance.
  • Safe To use - made from premium material that’s genuine and safe to use, non irritating and no harmful side effects when worn anytime of the day.
  • Multiple Health Benefits - proven and tested to reduce inflammation, lowers blood pressure, boosts blood circulation and the immune system, relieves stress and irritation, helps digestion, and improves certain heart conditions.  


  • Material: Steel Alloy
  • Colors: Balck, Silver, Rose Gold, Gold

Product Includes

1 x 4000ions HardSteel AlphaMaleMagnetic Bracelet