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Cowrie Sunrise

7 Chakra Healing Power Stones

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Achieve the right inner balance with the right crystals—the 7 Chakra Healing Crystal Gemstones. This excellent healing foci is the ideal tool for channeling energy into the 7 chakras, cleansing the energetic body.

Uncut and undrilled, you can easily feel natures healing energy contained in their natural shape and feel. These premium quality stones are available in different types, like citrine, quartz, jasper and more. They come with a protective velvet pouch for easy carrying.


  • Healing Focus - An excellent healing foci for channeling energy into the 7 chakras, cleansing the energetic body.
  • Natural Form - Uncut and undrilled so it keeps its natural shape and feel.
  • Versatile Use - More than just healing, they can also be used for jewelry, decoration, cabbing, tumbling, lapidary and more.
  • Velvet Pouch - Comes in a protective velvet pouch for easy carrying and storage.
  • Different Options - Various stone types are available for your needs, like citrine, clear quartz, red jasper and more.
  • Top Quality - Handpicked from around the globe to bring you top tier quality crystals.



  • Net Weight: 1 lb


Product Includes


  • 1 x 7 Chakra Healing Crystal Gemstones