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Cowrie Sunrise

Anti Swelling Detox Turmeric FootPatch

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ūüí™Detoxify for a Healthier YOUūüí™

Get a detox the natural way ! Let your body get rid of waste, toxins and other negativities naturally with this Anti-Swelling Detox Turmeric Patch!  Achieving the best level of health and wellness with less effort is the quickest and most effective technique. Experience this non-invasive and affordable therapy at the comfort of your own home.

Formulated with safe and organic ingredients  with ultimate healing properties that  reduce inflammation and swelling, leaving a soothing and  warming feeling under your feet. Proven and tested to contain detoxifying agents that are non harmful, making it ideal in removing toxins from your body. 


  • Natural Safe Ingredients¬†-¬†made from herbal extracts with ultimate healing properties that effectively removes the waste and toxins from your body. Prevents you from¬† taking in synthetic medicines that result in high risk health conditions.
    • Benefits Delivered¬†- eliminates muscle aches, joint pains, and other signs related to a toxic build-up in your body. Reduces fat cells, improves blood circulation and sleep, supports vitality, relieves irritability and stress enhancing your mood and¬† well being.
    • Non Invasive Treatment¬†- detoxifies and treats¬† your body as a whole that is non surgical and totally low-cost, restoring your energy throughout the day.
    • Stimulating the points for Healing¬†- derived from the ancient reflexology principles where the points for treatments in the feet, hands and ears are identified¬† to function better and be as healthy as you can be.¬†
    • Easy Application¬†- naturally withdraws the toxins by peeling off the pad and sticking it on the feet.¬† Best use at night during relaxation for greater results.¬†


    • Materials: Ginger, Bamboo charcoal and Platycodon
    • Type: Patch

    ‚≠źÔłŹProduct Includes‚≠źÔłŹ

    1 x Anti - Swelling Detox Turmeric Footpatch