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Cowrie Sunrise

Athletic Ion Balancing Wristband

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Looking for the best ion bracelet? Achieve a more active lifestyle and wellness with this powerful Athletic Ion Balancing Wristband! Designed with electronically charged molecules  that boost positive attitudes, providing therapeutic performance for your health and fitness.

Extremely stylish and unfussy, built up from ionized metal and food grade silicone with magnetic clasp for easy and perfect fitting. Comes in numerous sizes and colors, suitable for your own personal style and preference. Compact and portable, this is absolutely a cool fashion statement to go.



  • Vitality Bracelet - equipped with electronically charged atoms, designed to promote health and wellness with superior beneficial effects, effectively enhances your power and balance.  
  • Ergonomic Layout - built up from ionized metal and food grade silicone with magnetic clasp for easy and perfect fitting. 
  • Fashion Statement - comes in numerous sizes and colors, suitable for your own personal style and preference. A combination of fashion and wellness in one!
  • Health Aids - provides a lot of amazing health benefits which includes sleep improvement,stress and weight reduction, alleviating depression, enhancing blood circulation and a lot more!
  • Premium Material - durably made from silicone and metals, sturdy and suitable for long term use.
  • Comfort Fit - lightweight and easy to use. Fits in any wrist size, perfect for both men and women. 


  • Material: Titanium Alloy, FIR  Germanium, Tourmaline. Silicon
  • Colors: Black, blue, red, white, brown, pink
  • Size: band length - 18 cm (women) / 20 cm (men)

Product Includes

1 x Athletic Ion Balancing Wristband