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Cowrie Sunrise

Double Bit Screw Extractor

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Double Bit Screw Extractor

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Work With The Best Tools For Your Repair Needs!!

Struggling to pull out damaged screws? We’ve got you covered! Our Double Bit Screw Extractor is the perfect tool for removing seized, stripped, and rusted screws with extremely hard material by drilling, flipping, or extracting.

Never let a screw get you stuck from your projects. Grab our Double Bit Screw Extractor, a perfect addition to your home repair kit with high hardness and extreme durability that is tough enough to extract stubborn screws everywhere.

Designed with dual-ended bits, providing a two-step solution that allows a perfect removal of a variety of screws and bolt sizes. Compatible with any type of drill, these extractors provide a quick and efficient way to drill out, saving you the hassle and time of using more than one tool to get the job done.


  • Optimum Material - durably made of high-speed steel with superior strength and hardness which ensures long-term use. This essential tool is absolutely rust-proof and corrosion resistant, delivering perfect performance and efficiency.
  • Traction Power - quickly and gently removes stubborn screws with extreme hold 
  • Skillful Removal - efficiently pulls out damaged, stripped, or rusted screws and bolts in no time, extracting easily which locks both ends to avoid slipping from the drill and increase torque.
  • Three Easy Steps - even the toughest screws can be taken out with three simple steps, no more extra tools are needed. Just Drill, Flip and Extract and you’re fully done!
  • Multiple Options - comes in 4 different sizes which are suitable for most types of screws, drills, and bolts. Works great in wood, metal sheets, wallboards and is a perfect tool advantage for handymen, carpenters, and professionals.


  • Material: High-Speed Steel
  • Quantity: 4pcs, 5pcs, 6pcs
  • Sizes: As Seen in Picture

Product Includes

1 x Double Bit Screw Extractor Set