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Cowrie Sunrise

Glitter AcrylicGel Nail Extension Kit Set

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Bedazzle your nails with glamorous glitter!

Go the extra dazzling mile with your nail art using our Glitter AcrylicGel Nail Extension Kit Set. Its luxurious mix of glitters and sparkles gives nails a gorgeous jewel-like sparkle.

Its premium formula ensures quick curing while providing long-lasting sparkle, shine and color. It’s toxin-free and low-odor, so it’s guaranteed to keep your nails safe and healthy. Ideal for beginners and professionals, collect all its many sparkling colors now.


  • Gorgeous Glitter - Its dazzling mix of glitters and sparkles gives nails a gorgeous jewel-like sparkle.
  • Lasting Glamour - Enjoy long-lasting sparkle, shine and color on your glam nails thanks to its premium formula.
  • Cures Quickly - Takes only 60 sec to cure under LED lamp, and 90 sec under UV lamp.
  • Sparkling Colors - Pick your favorites from a premium selection of sparkling colors.

  • Safe Formula - Guaranteed safe for your nails with its toxin-free, low-odor formula.
  • User-Friendly - Ideal for beginners and expert nail artists for at-home and professional use.

    • Color: As shown
    • Size: 15 ml
    • 1 x Glitter PolyGel Nail Extension Kit Set