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Cowrie Sunrise

Slivery Gray Hair Dye Cream

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Rock the silver fox look using our Silvery Gray Hair Dye Cream. Guaranteed to give you a head-turning look, it dyes hair into chic silvery shades that exude bold, luxurious style.

Enjoy looking forever stylish as it permanently dyes hair with only minimal fading from washing. It also creates a protective coat that seals in color, keeping its silvery hues extra vibrant. Its nourishing ingredients keep hair strong, lustrous and silky soft. 


  • Chic Silver - Dyes hair into chic silvery shades that exude luxurious style.
  • Color Seal - Creates a protective coat that seals in color to keep it rich and vibrant.
  • Healthy Hair - Contains hair-nourishing ingredients, keeping your locks strong, lustrous and silky soft. 

  • Forever Look - Permanently dyes hair with only minimal fading from washing.
  • Premixed Formula - The dye is premixed and comes with detailed instructions for perfectly coloring your hair.
  • Safe to Use - Safe to use for all hair and skin types.


  • Weight: 100 ml 

Product Includes:

  • 1 x Silvery Gray Hair Dye Cream