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Starry Sky 123

Herbal Hair Growth Maximizer Spray

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Formulated from natural plant extracts that is proven safe and gentle on your hair and scalp. Provides an adequate amount of nourishment that gets deeply into your scalp, repairing damaged and inactive follicles, generating hair growth clearly by 86%! Improves the overall condition of your hair effectively, absolutely low cost and non invasive.


  • Hair Instant Treatment - repairs and revitalizes the overall condition of your hair. Designed to boost hair growth or a healthier, fuller and thicker hair in no time!
  • Safe and Effective Ingredients - made mainly from ginger extracts with root activating formula that is proven  safe and gentle on your scalp. Absolutely no harmful chemicals and side effects. 
  • Fast and Strong  Absorption - deeply penetrates into the scalp, repairing damages and inactive hair follicles, generating hair growth clearly by 86%!

  • Quick Visible Result - enjoy the transformation of your hair in as little as 7 days! A perfect solution for your hair problems in no time.
  • Suitable for All Hair Types - great for damaged, dull, frizzy, dry, bald spots,  thinning and other various hair conditions. Creating thicker and fuller hair the natural way!
  • How to Use - Apply a desirable amount on your scalp and hair roots. Massage smoothly for 2 - 3minutes for better absorption. Repeat every morning and evening daily to see the amazing result!


  • Ingredients: Ginger, Jojoba Oil, Chamomile and Vitamin E
  • Net Weight: 10 ml

Product Includes

1 x Herbal Growth Hair Maximizer Spray