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Cowrie Sunrise

Hollow Wood Chisel Bits

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Drilling Made Easy and Comfortably!!

Achieve the most accurate and fastest way to cut your mortise. Our Hollow Wood Chisel Bits is an exceptional tool providing a smooth and ill proportioned finish for your  woodworks that need a squared hole.

Made from high-speed steel, these drill bits have well-ground cutting tips and four teeth that are all equal in height delivering efficient cutting even in the most painstaking chopping or drilling, which saves time and energy while increasing the precision. Designed for a more streamlined chip ejection, making mortising even easier.


  • Wide Application - Suitable for professional jobs or home renovations, DIY projects, installation, construction, wood industry, and a lot more. 
  • Labor Saving - increases the precision while saving your time and energy, reduces the work cost and fee for installation, renovation, and decoration field.
  • Optimum Material - made from high-speed steel with superior strength and hardness, does not easily deform or rust.
  • Portable - the size makes it accessible to any of your storage or toolbox.
  • How to Use - utilize a drill press to keep the drill bit aligned on the board when cutting perfect and smooth holes; conform the bit’s size with the width of the mortise hole; chisel inward from the ends, work your way going through the middle upon getting to the end. Using any sandpaper and wood files, gently clean the inside of the mortise hole and flatten any high points. 


  • Material: High-Speed Steel
  • Hardness: HRC48-50
  • Sizes:  1/2''(12.7mm) , 3/8''(9.5mm) , 1/4''(6.35mm) , 5/16''(7.94mm) 


1 x Hollow Wood Chisel Bits ( set )