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Cowrie Sunrise

Nova Hovering Ball Toy

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  • Unleash the fun of flying and catching a ball at your command! This colorful  Hover Ball Toy can float and glide at any angle and flies back like a boomerang. Making it a safe simulation indoors or outdoors. 
  • Toss this Hovering Ball Toy on-air and experience unlimited fun while chasing and catching this interactive plaything at any angle, creating perfect magic at night or in the daytime with its colorful features and infinite possibilities.
  • Want to have fun with your family and friends at night? Explore the joy at your hands while throwing this Hovering Ball Toy on air! A perfect interactive simulation for both kids and adults that glides smoothly on any surface and flies back like a boomerang, leaving no damage at all!

This hand drone is equipped with scintillating RGB lights, making it more appealing in the dark. Designed with an aerodynamic spherical wheel, powered by a micro USB cable and premium battery, this allows quick charging for longer and faster flying. Made of high-quality materials, totally safe, lightweight, and crashworthy. Toss it back and forth and have the best flying time ever!


  • Boomerang Effect - toss this amazing spherical wheel on-air and watch it as it glides and flies back to you in a straight line.
  • Scintillating Lights - this hand-controlled ball is equipped with colorful RGB lights, making it more appealing in the dark, giving you total fun and excitement while tossing and catching it on air. 
  • Unlimited Tricks - you can explore the fun and create your stunts while playing with friends. Spicing up your catches and throws with a variety of moves.
  • Optimum Material - durably made from high-quality material that's lightweight, and crashworthy. Totally safe for both kids and adults, allowing them to have a safe playtime together.
  • Ergonomic Layout - crafted with a spherical design and protective casing that’s completely safe to grab and hold, powered by a battery, with a micro USB  port for charging, enabling the restoration of energy when it stops. A maximum flight of 10 minutes allows the drone to perform on air. Can be charged by computer, mobile phones, power bank, and a power adapter. 
  • Toss it anytime and anywhere - a perfect plaything for you to enjoy indoors or outdoors. It won’t require a big space to take off with these hand-operated drones. 
  • How to Use - simply turn the power on and shake the ball to start while holding it in an upward direction before finally tossing it up in the air.  To end your play, simply shake once more to fully stop it from spinning.


  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Size: 95mm x 95mm x 95mm
  • Shape: Spherical 
  • Net Weight: 27 grams
  • Color: Red, Blue, Purple
  • Age Rendered: for children above 6 years old

Product Includes

1 x Hovering Ball Toy