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Cowrie Sunrise

Instant Revive Herbal Knee Patch Set

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Get a long-lasting relief from our Instant Revive Herbal Knee Patch! A fast - acting, non invasive and cost effective solution to get rid of pain and suffering, proven to be safe and gentle on your skin with maximum absorption



  • Ultra Thin and Discreet - crafted in thin sheets that sticks easily on the skin, non greasy and absolutely waterproof.
  • Long Lasting Relief - provides maximum absorption, complete healing and instant relief totally that’s long lasting.
  • Safe and Gentle Ingredients - contains menthol extracts and camphor that penetrate deeply into the skin, effectively reducing inflammation and swelling.

  • Non Invasive - designed to reduce suffering and discomfort without the need to undergo surgical procedures
  • All Day Comfort - can be applied anytime and anywhere, keeps you on the go with no signs of pain at all!
  • How to Use - simply peel off the patch and apply on the affected areas for 8 - 12 hours. 


  • Size: one size

Product Includes

5/ 10/ 15 x Instant Revive Herbal Knee Patches