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Cowrie Sunrise

LeatherFix™ Advanced Leather Repair Gel Kit

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Achieve The Magic With A One Way Solution!!

  • Get rid of those scratches and rips on your most loved leather stuff with the best and quick solution all from this Leatherfix Advanced Leather Repair Gel Kit! This instantly refurbishes your home items,shoes, furniture and car seats, bringing back the magic in just one wipe!
  • No need for expensive makes overs or home repairs for a brand new look! Here is our Leatherfix Advanced Leather Repair Gel Kit, a one way solution to  magically transform your most loved leather items at home that's rip and scratch-free.
  • Our Leatherfix Advanced Leather Repair Gel Kit provides an instant revamp for your favorite leather items, improving the appearance of holes, scratches, rips and cracks with a one way solution that's absolutely  long lasting and brand new looking!

Delivers an effective restoration, bringing back the magic without the need for spending bucks, keeping its quality with the totally spotless condition. It effectively polishes the surface of your worn-out items, leaving out unsightly scratches flawlessly


  • Effective Repair Kit - restores your most-loved leather items at home with a one-way solution, bringing back the magic in just one wipe!
  • One way Solution - apply it to polish unsightly scratches, rips, holes, and gouges with just one wipe, creating a shiny finish on the surface.
  • Long Term Use - absolutely waterproof and durably made with advanced material which delivers instant and full defense against other deformities and oxidation. This can last for years.
  • Widely Application - suitable for most types of leather stuff which includes bags, shoes, furniture, car seat covers, and a lot more!
  • Economical - this will literally save you from spending bucks for home repair and professional fees, you can do it yourself at the comfort of your own home or when needed. 
  • How To Use - smear the gel on the affected area and smooth out evenly. Wait for it to dry. Finally, polish the surface for a spotless and shinier look!


  • Colors: black, white, blue, green, yellow, red wine, red, brown
  • Set Inclusion: 1 gel + 1 brush
  • Net Weight: 75 grams

Product Includes

1 x Leatherfix Advanced Leather Repair Gel Kit