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Cowrie Sunrise

Luxury Luminous Rose Balloon

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❤ A Romantic Surprise That Lasts!! ❤

Looking for an extra special and elegant gift?  Our Luxury Luminous Rose is the one for you! Perfectly encapsulated in a bubble balloon to create a unique look and style, making it the perfect present you never had!!

Get the best surprise for your loved ones! This Luxury Luminous Rose is a lasting gift enclosed in a transparent balloon surrounded with scintillating lights, making it a romantic piece that's absolutely a statement of love and admiration.

Give your loved ones the most meaningful gift ever! Luxury Luminous Rose makes everything perfect with its never-fading rose flower wrapped inside a transparent balloon, making the best experience truly unforgettable.

These dazzling rose balloons are suitable for many different occasions, making exuberant moments that last! Comes in various colors, they are durably made and are sure to stand the test of time. A perfect gift that is one of a kind, does not break the bank with its luxurious look and romantic feel


  • A Perfect Gift That Lasts-  the most romantic way of showing and pouring out your love while gifting them with the best kind of rose, a special treat that's meaningful and unforgettable.
  • Premium Quality - encapsulated in a Bobo balloon made of rubber with scintillating Led lights, perfectly complimenting each other to ensure the best experience
  • Unique and Dazzling Style - crafted with a single rose enclose in a transparent balloon, making it a romantic piece that's absolutely a statement of love and admiration
  • Superb Decorative Piece - a perfect item to add to your collection of beautiful centerpieces and backgrounds, creating perfect moments in different celebrations and occasions
  • Long-Lasting Surprise -  a perfect gift that never fades and is sure to last a long time. 


  • Material: latex, Led lights
  • Ballon Color: transparent
  • Shape: round
  • Rose Color: red, yellow, pink, blue
  • Product Inclusion: mesh, twist tie, ribbon, rose, wrapping paper, battery container, bubble balloon, balloon, holder, led lights

Product Includes

  • 1 x Luxury Luminous Rose Balloon Set