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Cowrie Sunrise

Nano Magnet Weight Loss Patch

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Tired of those bulges and kangaroo pooches? Switch to our Nano Magnet Weight Loss Patch! Consist of rare Neodymium Magnet that helps in detoxification and increase metabolism resulting in fast breakdown of fats and cellulites on your body. 

Formulated with active and  powerful natural ingredients and a magnet producing magnetic waves that passes through the skin via patch, helping you to reach your weight goals in  as fast as 14 days. Clinically proven and tested to burn the fats and cellulite around your belly, without undergoing invasive procedures. 


  • Powerful Active Ingredients - consists of safe and natural materials with a rare  neodymium magnet that are safe and gentle on your skin, with no side effects totally non harmful and irritating. 
    • Health Advantages- these weight loss patches are clinically proven and tested to burn fats, speeding up your metabolism with less absorption of sugar, carbs and starch, and stimulates blood circulation
    • Quick Satisfying Result - achieve a slimmer body the healthy way in as fast as 14 days reducing your size to your desired body figure. 

    • Non Invasive - helps you to get slim and in good shape like never before without undergoing invasive procedures, totally safe and effective.
    • Easy to Use - these are easily patched on the navel with the thinnest skin layer ,leaving one at a time, with a maximum of 8 hours to see the amazing result. 


    • Material: Neodymium magnet, herbal ingredients
    • Quantity: 10/30 patches per pack

    Product Includes

    1 x Nano Magnet weight Loss Patch