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Cowrie Sunrise

Pastry Wheel Cutter & Decorator Set

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Seal your crust with a special touch of a picture perfect confection all from our Pastry Wheel Cutter and Decorator Set. This baking kit helps you put and make perfect decorations on  your goodies and pies like a pro!

This tool will absolutely make your pies stand out! The pastry wheel  allows even cuts for  perfect looking strips for your lattice design and ravioli, making each detail and edges look professionally done while the cutter provides decorative cutouts, creating unique and beautiful designs for your cakes and goodies. A great combo for your baking needs, giving instant satisfying results!



  • Optimum Quality - made of superior plastic material, absolutely compact and handy. These tools can be disassembled effortlessly  for easy cleaning and dishwashing. 
  • Decorative Kit - provides picture perfect confections with beautiful finish, making each detail look professionally done!
  • Multiple Layers of Design - helps you make beautiful and appetizing pies and goodies every single time, with different designs, perfectly sealed .
  • Smooth Edges - allows you to create your pies fast and easy, with perfect and smooth edges definitely no more constant pinching. 
  • Easy to Use - gently  roll the wheel or stamp the plunger onto the dough for a decorative finish
  • Wide Application - provides wonderful designs on gum paste and fondants, pizza doughs, pies, cookies and alot more! 


  • Material: Bas Plastic, FDA Approved and BPA free
  • Plunger Size: 1 cm/ 0.39 inches
  • Wheel Size: 3 x 2 x 4 inches

✨Package Includes✨

  • Set A - 2 Pastry Wheel Cutter
  • Set B - 2 Pastry Wheel Cutter and 1 Decorating Plunger Set