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Cowrie Sunrise

Powerful Drain Dredging Agent

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Constant problem with  clogged sinks and pipes? Unblock your struggle with this Powerful Drain Dredging Agent which  effectively dissolves grease, hair, oils, and grimmy surfaces for better cleaning turnouts.


Contains a highly formidable formula that’s safe and non corrosive, it clings to the walls of the pipes and drainage, easily removing even the toughest clogs, keeping your sinks and drain lines in perfect normal condition


  • Economical - effectively removes even the toughest clogs without spending your bucks for professional fee and aid. An affordable cleaning tool for your home needs. 
  • Non Corrosive - contains a highly formidable formula that is absolutely safe and non destructive, won’t damage your pipes  and drainage when used. Suitable for both metal or plastic drains. 
  • Instant Turnout - dissolves grease, oils, hair and other objects stuck in your pipes and sewers easily and fast.
  • Effective Cleaning Tool - a home solution for the clogs and blockage, perfect on your pipes and sinks, toilets and septic system.
  • How to Use - Prepare the right amount of water ( approximately thrice the  volume of the dredging agent) Spew the agent into the pipe, then add the water gradually.  Observe the effect or let it stand for about 20 - 30 minutes for better results.


  • Net Content: 200 grams
  • Shape: solid, block
  • Color: as shown
  • Material: enzyme, surfactant

Product Includes

1 x Powerful Drain Dredging Agent