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Cowrie Sunrise

Professional Multifunctional Twist Drill Bit Set (2pc)

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The Must Have Drill Bits for Your Tool Box!

No more digging around the toolbox. Our Multifunctional Drill Bits will always be the right tool for any job! It can effectively drill through any material like stainless steel, brick, concrete, wood, aluminum alloy, and plastic.



  • Smooth Drilling - Has a flatter, smoother drilling finish thanks to its unique U-shaped spiral groove.
  • Improved Efficiency - Provides smooth and accurate drilling performance with its spear-pointed tip with high hardness. 
  • For Any Material - Drills through any material like stainless steel, brick, concrete, wood, aluminum alloy, and plastic

  • Superior Quality - Uses superior quality tungsten carbide to easily penetrate any material.
  • Non-Slip - Features a non-slip triangle handle for easier, more comfortable handling.
  • Electric Drill Compatible - Has a triangle petiole that’s ideal for electric drilling.


  • Material: Hard Alloy
  • Size: 6 mm (¼”), 8 mm (5/16”), 10 mm (⅜”), 12 mm (½”)

Product Includes

  • 2 x Multifunctional Drill Bits