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Cowrie Sunrise

Super Bike Horn

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Level up your biking gears! Honk your way with this Super Bike Horn, with impossible sound to ignore while on the road, avoiding possible accidents and traffic jams.
Ride your bicycle with a signal warning that never fails! Our Super Bike Horn emits a sound that resembles a car honk, enough to give notice to the vehicles and pedestrians of your coming.


An ultimate gear for your bikes with a modern and handy design, made from soft silicone material, absolutely wear and rust-resistant., extending its life for long-term use. Equipped with a 90 to a 120-decibel electric bell that emits a resembling honk of a car, works 3x louder than other regular horns in the market, effectively notifies and signals passersby and vehicles,  avoiding possible accidents. Lightweight and easy to install, this device is generated with a 280 mAH battery, sustaining the energy for long hours while on the road. 


  • Weatherproof - extremely withstands any form of weather, lets you enjoy your bike rides under the summer heat or even rainy days, keeping its maximum capacity giving signals and hard to ignore sounds while on the road. 
  • Functional Layout - this innovative gear is equipped with a 90db electric bell, which resembles the sound of a real car honk that works 3x louder than the other regular horns in the market, Powered by a 280 mAH battery that can sustain the energy for long hours while on the road. 
  • Optimum Material - perfectly made from high elastic soft silicone material, definitely wear and rust-resistant, suitable for long-term use. 
  • Reliable Size - small and handy, can easily fit in any bag or storage. Lightweight and can be used anytime and anywhere. It hangs downward and doesn't take much space in your bike’s handlebars. 
  • Switchable Ringtones - while pressing the small power button, it enables to change the tone in three different sounds
  • Easy to Install - you can have your best bike horn totally attached to your handlebars without any professional tools needed to get it done!
  • Road Saver - ride your bikes safe! Avoid the traffic jams and road rage, get to your destination fresh and right on time with the best horn you’ll ever have!


    • Material: silicone rubber
    • Colors: blue, black, red, green
    • Size: 10 cm x 3.5 cm x 3 cm
    • Weight: 33 grams 

    Product Includes

    1 x Super Bike Horn