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Cowrie Sunrise

Ultra Invisible Lace Double Eyelid Tapes

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You Don't Need Surgery For Bigger Eyes

Create the perfect line for your hooded, droopy  and uneven eyelids with our Ultra Invisible Lace Double Eyelid Tapes! A non- invasive eye lift that recreates natural eye lines and folds, effectively forming a beauty effect that’s completely  unnoticeable yet real looking.



  • Blendable - extremely invisible, this blends on your skin and is easily concealed even without makeup, creating a dramatic effect that's long lasting.
  • Non Surgical - achieve a perfect eye lift instantly without the need for invasive procedures or treatments.
  • Hypoallergenic - made from medical grade fibers, totally safe and non irritating to the skin, waterproof and breathable, making it suitable for hotter weather.

  • Strong Adhesion - clings perfectly onto the eyelids, does not fall off easily no matter how frequent you rub your eyes. 
  • Application Fork - comes with an application fork which is used  to push the tape in place instead of a finger for precise fitting.
  • Multiple Options - different sizes, shapes and colors are available to suit your eye shape and skin tone. 
  • How to Use - simply peel off the tape and adhere onto your eyelid using the application fork. Gently push in the tape to stick perfectly. Apply your favorite makeup. 


  • Color: skin tone, beige
  • Material: medical - grade fiber
  • Shelf Life : 5 years

Product Includes

1 x  Pack of 72 pc Ultra Invisible Lace Double Eyelid Tapes